$5 Voice-Over Trial Offer

Budget Narration Services:

Do you have a print or eBook ready to publish, want to turn it into an audio version (like the sample above), but worry about the time and production cost?

In that case, hire Sketch-Views! We produce budget-friendly, fast turn-around narrated articles, books, and podcasts at the following rates:

Up to 1000 words - $25

Up to 30,000 words - $100

Up to 60,000 words - $200

Up to 90,000 words - $300

All narrations are:

+ Produced in the USA

+ Spoken in standard American English

+ Supervised by professional writers

+ Satisfaction guaranteed

Use your voice-overs to:

✔ Announce reviews (Spoken announcements call attention to recommendations!)

✔ Read instructional material (Improve your customers' understanding of the steps they need to take. Reduce your "help line" costs!)

✔ Describe products (Point out product benefits and your call to action!)

✔ Tell stories! (Use voice-overs for your podcast and bogs! Just write the script and we'll provide the male or female voice-over!)

Concerned about having a long read produced?

Listen to this 5 minute, 1000 word video below to determine the quality of our announcers.

Sign up now!

This $5 "almost free offer" buys up to a 250 to 300 word narration (voice-over) or a $30 discount on a $100 or more project.

But, this introductory offer is limited to the first 10 people to sign up during the month of May 2021

After signing up, we will contact you by email through our parent company, Sketch-Views, and will work with you by email, phone, and/or Zoom.

Voice-overs and narrations required a finished script. Service details are available on Sketch-Views.com, our website.Take advantage of this almost free deal, or pass it on to your friends in need of a high-quality announcer. This offer is good only through our online flyer, so pass its URL on:

----> ClearVoiceOverService.com <---

After signing up, you have 30 days to complete this transaction.

Click below for detailed Sign Up information

Our parent site is Sketch-Views.com where you'll see an overview of all our services

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